DylandListed Accessibility Policy 

Updated January 2020

We at DylanListed LLC are dedicated to helping our clients, youth, and adults with disabilities, to have the information and/or training they need to be empowered for employment and employment-seeking.


The purpose of our website (www.DylanListed.com) is to share some information about our company and our services.

We are working on making our website and it’s content more digitally accessible to persons with disabilities.  If you have difficulty accessing the information and features on this website, please contact Dylan at 469-487-3199.  We can arrange to provide alternative ways for you to access the information. For example, we can read the material to you and/or we can provide website content in print form.

We value your feedback seriously and will consider it as we evaluate ways to improve the accessibility of our site and communications. On this particular website, we do not control third-party content; although we do our best to strongly encourage that is accessible and user-friendly.


We conduct our consultations and training live and in-person accessible buildings.  In the consultations and training sessions, we inform clients that, upon request, we can provide training materials in printed copy form and/or provide a sign language interpreter.