Dylanlisted™ PRIVACY POLICY Effective January 15, 2015

  1. PURPOSE – This document describes how DylanListedSM LLC protects the privacy of data (‘User Data’) provided by users (‘User’ or ‘Users’ means SpEd Student(s) in high school, Candidate(s) (i.e., Non-SpEd Student job seeker(s) with disabilities), Employer(s) and Service Provider(s)) on the DylanListed website (‘Site’) and back-end application (‘Application’). This policy also describes our privacy policy relating to cookies and your access to third party content (‘Third Party Content’ or content accessible to you via links in the Site or the Application).
  2. BINDING AGREEMENT, MODIFICATION – By continuing to access and use the Site and Application you are consenting to all of the terms of and provisions of this Privacy Policy (as well as the Terms of Use Agreement), and including its current version in effect. If you do not agree with all of the terms and provisions of this Privacy Policy, then you should discontinue your use of the Application. We may revise/modify the terms and provisions of this Privacy Policy at any time and such updated version of the Privacy Policy shall be published on the Site.
  3. TERRITORY – You understand that the DylanListed Application is currently intended exclusively for Users in the United States of America. If you are not living in the United States, then you should not access or use the Site or the Application.
  4. USER DATA – User Data refers to all of the information, whether optional or required, that you are prompted to input when you access and use the Site and/or the Application. We ask for User Data because it is information reasonably necessary for carrying out the purpose of the Site and Application. User Data expressly includes but is not limited to your personal identifying information and the comments and feedback you may direct to DylanListed via the Site and/or the Application. In your sole discretion, you determine whether to input any optional information when prompted in the Application. Optional Information includes but is not limited to ‘disability type’ and ‘employment supports.’
  5. DATA SECURITY – The Application, including User Data, are hosted on servers of the Microsoft® AzureTM Cloud Platform and associated data centers located in the United States. The data centers utilize state of the art security and include both technical and organizational measures to secure the servers and to protect User Data from loss, alteration, destruction, misuse and/or unauthorized access (but see limitation per Paragraph VI below on Passwords). DylanListed has a hosting agreement with SureScore, Inc., the owner of the platform that powers the Application.
  6. PASSWORDS – Your unique password is the way that you control access to your DylanListed Account. When you first join DylanListed, you will receive an automatically generated e-mail that will show the User Name and Password you input upon creating your DylanListed Account. The e-mail is sent as a service to you to help you to have a record of your password. You should not share that e-mail with anyone, except that SpEd Student Users may share the password with his/her parent whom they authorize to access the SpEd Student’s DylanListed Account. DylanListed Administration does not see or store your Password. You should routinely log out of the Application when you are finished with a use session and this is especially important when you are using another’s computing device to access the Application.
  7. VANITY URL – A Vanity URL is one of the features of the Application. It is an automatically generated ‘virtual resume’ based on information you input in the ‘About Me’ module of the Application. Subject to limitations per provisions in Paragraph IX below, DylanListed does not share your Vanity URL with third parties who are not Employers or Service Providers. You are able to share the Vanity URL with your contacts who are not DylanListed Users. You should review your Vanity URL to ensure you are comfortable with the information displayed therein for sharing with your contacts. You should exercise caution in how you share your Vanity URL and only share it with your trusted contacts who will use the information therein for helping you to find employment and/or acquire/enhance functional skills for jobs. We are not responsible for misuse of your Vanity URL.
  8. THIRD PARTY CONTENT – As used herein, Third Party Content includes but is not limited to logos of our partners, links to websites of our partners, links to websites, videos and other content of Employers and Service Providers, links to videos


authored by/controlled by third parties and posted on the Video Wall. When you access Third Party Content please be aware that owners of the Third Party Site Owners may collect information about you, including your personal identifying information. DylanListed is not responsible for such Third Party Content and does not control Third Party Content. Third Party Content, including videos accessible via the Video Wall in the Application is offered as a service feature or to you. You are advised to review the respective privacy policies that apply to the Third Party Content.

IX. HOW WE USE USER DATA – You acknowledge and accept that DylanListedSM has the right to use, and release (as appropriate) User Data as follows:
a. To communicate with You for purposes of transmitting

marketing or selling communications related to the purposes of the Site and Application, including notifying you as appropriate of Application subscription renewal requirements, badging your profile as appropriate when you have attained a certain recognition category, seeking your feedback on a product, service or feature, inviting you to participate in a market research focus group organized by DylanListed, a User or a third party.

b. To publish, in our discretion, comments and feedback provided by Users as a User testimonial or as part of content we may draft from time to time and publish on the Site as Frequently Asked Questions (if any). If you do not want your name to display in connection with any comment or feedback, including a testimonial, you direct to DylanListed via the Site or Application, you alone are responsible to


notify us at Admin@DylanListed.com of such. Upon receipt of that request from you, we will take reasonable steps to take down such testimonial from the Site or Application (if we had previously published it).

c. As detailed in the Terms of Use Agreement, to use subject matter, ideas, suggestions, features shared by Users with us in development of future versions of the Site and/or Application.

  1. To generate reports for internal use based on activity and data on the Site and in the Application for helping us to set our marketing and selling strategy and planning for new features for the Site and/or Application.
  2. To generate reports for licensing to a third party such as but not limited to a state or federal agency.
  3. To enforce the terms and provisions of the DylanListed Terms of Use Agreement.
  4. To comply with state laws and federal laws of the USA.
  1. WE DO NOT STORE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORAMTION – Access and use of the Application (exclusive of DylanListed Professional Services) is offered to Users free of a subscription fee charge for a limited time. When we start charging subscription fees they will be assessed as a one-time, annual subscription fee with a single payment up-front. The e- commerce (third party gateway) payment application that we use is such that we shall not store credit card information of Users.
  2. AUTOMATIC INFORMATION, COOKIES – To enable us to provide content that Users need and desire we collect


aggregated site-visitation statistics using cookies. A cookie is a small data file we place on your computer’s hard drive when you first visit our Site. Cookies are commonly employed by many websites. Allowing us to create a Cookie on your hard drive does not give us access to the rest of your computer’s hard drive; we are able to read the data file of the cookie. If you wish you can block cookies by editing the Browser Options of the Internet browser of your computing device.