Occupy Special Education – Children Should be Seen & Heard



This is a book written by Dylan Rafaty. Despondent after graduation from high school, hearing impaired student, graduate of special education, Dylan Rafaty, urged by his parents, decided to write. What started as a memoir turned into an abridged celebration of his young, multicultural life, and then grew into a critical look back at his journey in education, a significant part of which was spent floundering in special education in a school in a top school district in the country. Dylan contrasts the richness of his extracurricular life and support system with the angst of a persistent isolation in his special education classes. He sheds some light into the causes behind his unexplained lack of progress in school. Writing from a too rare student’s perspective, Dylan makes some recommendations for improving special education and education in general. The tone is honest, spirited, and anticipatory, while Dylan’s message is just-in-time as more education cutbacks loom and buzz about education reform stirs.


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